< Nassau at The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble

I really wish people at this Resort would wear shoes whilst walking round the property.

There are many with blindingly white trainers, but at least they’ve got on shoes.

I’ve spotted a TARDIS!

Well, maybe I have, and it can be viewed here.

Today I ventured into town where I spotted a TARDIS, a Harley Davidson and some other shops, but the greatest has been the MV Explorer.

The MV Explorer happens to be the small one, but it is much faster than the others.

That awkward moment when…

…Someone doesn’t know you speak French and talks about how I won’t touch their drink because I ‘probably don’t want it anyway.’ Well, To be honest, I’m quite thirsty and wouldn’t mind your fruity looking drink. Anyway, about my day.

My day began at 2AM with a rainy drive to the airport with my Dad. I don’t remember much, as I was quite tired and running on two hours of sleep. My flight to Miami is a blur to me now- I just remember waking up and being asked if I’d like something to drink and then falling asleep again only to find myself in Miami. Once in Miami I realised that my layover was much longer than I had remembered reading when booking my flight. Luckily it went by quickly and the time was passed with Top Gear and BlackBerry Messenger as well as other messaging apps. 

My flight to Nassau started off with nearly everyone on the flight bickering with the ground crew. Shouting matches ranged from someone’s (third) carry-on suitcase not being permitted on the flight and therefore needed to be checked and to the elderly complaining about having to stand in the sun. The stewardess was constantly yelling at parents throughout the flight on how to control their children and at one point actually threatened to have the flight turn around. 

Once in the Bahamas everything calmed down. Customs was a breeze and once outside of the airport I was comforted with the driving on the correct side of the road. My hotel room is rather spacious and the bed is quite comfortable. I even have complimentary Starbucks because I’m a ‘preferred guest.’ Well, that’s cool! 

Tomorrow I hope to do some exploring of Nassau with other students, so, I shall post further adventures tomorrow. 

As students begin to arrive in the Bahamas I still find myself at home, waiting to begin my journey and unsure of what to expect when I arrive in Nassau. I’ve been to Nassau, but it was over 10 years ago. I remember it being very hot and filled with cheap t-shirt shops with women offering to braid hair for tourists. Being only a small child, I did not venture off to explore Nassau’s nightlife, nor do I plan to do that this year. I just see it as a waste of money, really, and I’d rather spend it on something better, like a trip to Tokyo DisneySea. 

I have everything packed (I hope). Originally I had planned to buy my textbooks from the UVa bookstore, but opted out of it. I luckily got a Kindle for Christmas and purchased many of my textbooks on there. Thus far, everything is going well with preparing for this. All of my visas came in on-time and I’m set to go. There are many students who are without visas due to the company used for obtaining the visas having issues with doing so. I’m just happy that all has gone well.

The only problem I have actually had was with typhoid. Originally I had opted for the pills, though there was a miscommunication with how to properly store the pills, so I had to get the jab. It wasn’t bad, but it was just a nuisance. My Mother had told me that I had a live strain of the virus in me and that I could be ‘biological warfare.’ Having been told that, I chased my friend Meradia threatening to give her the virus. Needless to say, I did not pass it on to her because I later found out that I did not have a live strain of it. 

With tomorrow being my last day in this country for quite some time, I do hope the weather is clear enough for me to fly out and arrive without any problems. I shall next post from Nassau!

After having packed what I feel is necessary for this voyage (and probably isn’t), I have come to the conclusion that 1) Kindles are a brilliant invention and 2) The Smarties produced in Germany have a much richer taste than the Canadian ones and therefore I shall take the German ones with me. 

My greatest fear is that my luggage will be lost on my way to Nassau and will be dispersed to the civilians of Miami to be sold on eBay for more than what my items are worth. 

What I am dreading most is the trip from the airport in Nassau to the hotel. The hotel isn’t providing a complimentary shuttle (though I do get free WiFi) from the airport to the hotel. I think that is just utter rubbish. The hotel has kindly provided me with options, ranging from an overpriced coach to public transport. Being a fan of (well organised) public transport, I’d have no problem paying $1.25 for my trip to the hotel from the airport, though I’m thinking that a taxi may be a better option. I’m sure my parents would have a heart attack if they found out I took public transport, yet again, with luggage. My parents don’t seem to trust the Underground and insist that I will be mugged because you know, between Hammersmith and Heathrow is about as dodgy as Cleveland. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be able to provide my millions of followers with updates.