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After having packed what I feel is necessary for this voyage (and probably isn’t), I have come to the conclusion that 1) Kindles are a brilliant invention and 2) The Smarties produced in Germany have a much richer taste than the Canadian ones and therefore I shall take the German ones with me. 

My greatest fear is that my luggage will be lost on my way to Nassau and will be dispersed to the civilians of Miami to be sold on eBay for more than what my items are worth. 

What I am dreading most is the trip from the airport in Nassau to the hotel. The hotel isn’t providing a complimentary shuttle (though I do get free WiFi) from the airport to the hotel. I think that is just utter rubbish. The hotel has kindly provided me with options, ranging from an overpriced coach to public transport. Being a fan of (well organised) public transport, I’d have no problem paying $1.25 for my trip to the hotel from the airport, though I’m thinking that a taxi may be a better option. I’m sure my parents would have a heart attack if they found out I took public transport, yet again, with luggage. My parents don’t seem to trust the Underground and insist that I will be mugged because you know, between Hammersmith and Heathrow is about as dodgy as Cleveland. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll be able to provide my millions of followers with updates.

Should you wonder where I am, please refer to this itinerary.

Should you wonder where I am, please refer to this itinerary.